KR1 April Update 💰

KR1 got started in early 2016 as the world’s first public digital asset investment company and as such it’s all about the numbers. We don’t sell often but we did realize some gains over the last quarter (for various reasons but mostly to build up our war-chest for new exciting projects!).

Portfolio update

Here are sells that we disclosed of some tokens lately. We still hold big positions in each of the projects listed below (the sells are only partial and capture the average price we sold at) and continue to be big fans of the teams. The full public announcement can be found here on the London NEX exchange website.

823,374 IXT bought for $0.119, sold at $1.49 giving a 1152% return.

1,064,774 BLZ bought for $0.094, sold at $0.451 giving at 380% return.

7,073,303 FUN bought for $0.0067, sold at $0.0579 giving a 764% return.

104,166 ENG bought for $0.48, sold at $6.01 giving a 1152% return.

26,708 MYST bought for 0.688 GBP (about $0.877 at the time), sold at $3.99 giving a 355% return.

596,959 OST bought for $0.052, sold at $1.11 giving a 2035% return.

FOAM is getting ready

One of the decentralised projects we are most excited about at the moment is FOAM, which is a geospatial protocol and new “Proof of Location” platform to prove where assets, objects and people are or were. We were seed funders of Ryan, Katya, Kristoffer and their team earlier last year and were convinced that their vision could be widely adopted as a ‘new GPS’ standard for IoT and blockchain projects. It may even replace GPS if all planets align. It’s one of the great examples of how blockchain tech can shift a whole industry. Watch the FOAM Epicenter podcast here and you will soon get fomo :).

Nexus Mutual

Nice shout out from Nexus Mutual;

1. We have completed our seed funding round!
With a big thanks to KR1 and Kenetic in particular, plus generous support from their angel network.

It’s all about the Developers

We made a small seed investment in Blocksmith, a young bright blockchain development company and spin-off of Whitesmith, a digital product studio that has been running for more than six years, going from idea to first product iteration with a track record in the start-up and corporate world. Rafael and his team are highly skilled, motivated and are starting to take on Ethereum and NEO blockchain development projects. They recently received a commended award from the NEO council for an open dApp development competition. We are excited to support them. Blocksmith is based in Shoreditch, London and you can reach out Rafael at

Out and about

George at the Ethereum London meetup during Blockchain Expo

We sponsor Ethereum London, the world’s largest Ethereum meetup, and George gave and intro to KR1 to a packed house at Olympia, London.

George on a panel during the London Cryptocurrency Show 2018

At the London Cryptocurrency Show 2018 George spoke on the future of cryptocurrency investing panel. He gave a quick presentation on KR1 and our focus on tokens, our track record and our continued support of early stage projects. It was a good event and unusual to have a forty-five minute panel session. However, as ever the ‘pay to play’ conference model fails to produce any ICO pitches of note. The quality of exhibitors on show was also low which is unfortunate as many of the attendees were very new to the space and leave with an armful of flyers that don’t fully represent what’s really going on. Gradually we hope to see higher quality content available at cheaper ticket prices.

What’s next

April was a month in which we talked to some amazing new projects and helped our current projects on many aspects on gearing up to their mainnet launches.

We will be around and speaking at EDCON in Toronto, New York’s Blockchain Week (featuring Ethereal NY, Consensus 2018 and Token Summit III) as well as Techcrunch Startup Battlefield in Paris in May. We hope we can release some more news in the next update!

KR1 plc is Europe's leading publicly listed investment company focused on blockchain and decentralised technologies (KR1:AQSE). KR1 was founded in March 2016.

KR1 plc is Europe's leading publicly listed investment company focused on blockchain and decentralised technologies (KR1:AQSE). KR1 was founded in March 2016.