KR1 January Update 🚀

At KR1 we support and invest in the best and most disruptive decentralised projects in the world. We support projects and teams looking to help bring about radical change and social improvement through decentralised technologies, and to help fix the broken internet that we have.

We had an incredible 2017 and took a breath at the end of December and we had a thought we would get a gentle start to 2018, but January started off at a blistering pace! To kick off we released news on some investments we made from the tail end of 2017.

PROPS by YouNow

“(…) a few platforms dominate social, and control digital media distribution. Their strength depends on millions of users creating and sharing content, but only a small fraction of the hundreds of billions in enterprise value that they have amassed flows back to those that create it. PROPS ensures that network value flows back to the people who help it grow, better aligning stakeholders across the platform.”

KR1 listed alongside other well-respected investors and popular YouTube personalities

Simple Token

Nice shout-out from Jason :)


Pavel Bains at NEO DEVCON in San Francisco
Keld commenting on the developer potential of Bluzelle

CoinDesk covered what Pavel, Neeraj, and team were up to recently and we got a timely quote in the Bluzelle CoinDesk article.

Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX)


January Events

First (proper!) London NEO Meetup — January 10th

Owen Barnes and Charlie Revett MC-ing the first NEO London meetup to a packed house

Join the NEO LONDON meetup group here.

Gibraltar House — January 15th

Nick Cowan, CEO of GBX outlining their plans
George giving the State of the Union on crypto


Gibraltar Minister for Commerce, Hon. Albert Isola giving an outline of Gibraltar’s plans
Raphaël from, the transparent social funding platform — Mention on Twitter here
Charlie Revett outlines City of Zion’s (NEO) developer goodies
Simon of Vo1t — decloaking from stealth mode!

Follow the hashtag KRYPTONIGHT on Twitter, see the full blog post with videos here and join us for our next KRYPTONIGHT here.

CFA Society UK — Fintech Interactive Forum — January 26th

George on a panel chaired by Aaron Weaver, CFA alongside Lawrence Tilli and Etay Katz

First TechCrunch Zug Meetup in Crypto Valley — January 29th

Mike Butcher and Mona El Isa (nearest to camera) from Melonport having a laugh

NEO Devcon, San Francisco — January 30th

We got a great name check by Charlie Revett as part of the London posse.

Shiny and Green

KR1 it is!

KR1 plc is a publicly listed investment company to provide exposure to the world’s best decentralised blockchain projects, which will change the world. Our shares currently trade on the London-based NEX Exchange. Remember, you can fill up your upcoming UK ISA before end of March with KR1 shares and receive tax-free gains without worry about losing your wallet keys, getting hacked or fear of the taxman. Find out how to do that here.

Keep Hodling!

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