KR1 March Update 💫

Cosmos has launched!


Cosmos Launch

Cosmos Launch with Jack the Gentleman and Chjango Armstrong
Chjango and Jack during launch, of course, we were watching and ready too!

What is Cosmos?

Who is using Cosmos?

Tendermint Funding Round

Cosmos Launch Congratulations

Erik Voorhees, Bitcoin OG since forever and founder of Shapeshift
Josh Stark of Counterfactual / L4 Ventures, heavily involved in Ethereum’s state channels research… this tweet was actually re-tweeted by Vitalik himself :)
Eric of Primitive Ventures and always in between Silicon Valley, Boston and Asia
Congratulations from one of the most credible privacy projects out there (Vitalik is an investor himself) and the Ethereum Foundation gave out a large grant to StarkWare to work on privacy
CZ, founder of the largest crypto exchange Binance right now… Binance is building a decentralized exchange themselves on the Cosmos-SDK, which eventually will be connected to the Cosmos Hub and thus allows asset transfers between chains.
Web3 Foundation, building Polkadot and the only other serious contender in the interchain communication sphere.

More Cosmos Content

Melon Protocol V1.0

KR1 making its first steps on the Melon Protocol

OST Platform launched, now the fun starts: clients!

Jason is excited!

“Now the fun starts: clients.” Jason Goldberg, OST CEO

KR1 everywhere!

ADVFN International Financial Awards

HFM European Technology Summit 2019

HFM Blockchain roundtable discussion

ISA 2019

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